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We see ourselves as a forward looking group of passionate place professionals with the relevant experience to match.

Welcome to Persia Page, where we strive to bring you the best-customized directory & publishing services to meet the needs of everyday Persians living away from the motherland. We are not only a publisher & directory service. Persia Page actually started as a network of Graphic Design artists and eventually became a powerful and successful Marketing Agency. We offer a wide range of services like Graphic Design, Search Engine Optimization, Local, national & international marketing, film production, photography, web design, strategy planning, consultation, publishing & more! This is what makes Persia Page’s magazine and website the best of its kind. It means our consumers & readers get access to the best content available & our sponsoring partners get the best service and advertising for the hard-earned dollars they spend with us! Why settle for a magazine that doesn’t have a passionate team of individuals who love their community? Here at Persia Page, we take pride in our work, community & culture and we want to represent & showcase the resilience and intelligence of our company & our awesome Persian brothers & sisters! We know what we are made of. do you? Join our family today! Contact us to learn how you can be a big part of this growing and trending magazine, website & community! Below, we will share with you a little more about our company, the founder, and how we came to be. 

In 1999 the founder of Persia Page, Pouya Golestaneh, opened his first website in Iran. It all began with a community of graphic design artists that still exists today and is still a successful networking platform. Pouya was a believer in technology and his forward-thinking was not very popular among everyday people. When he used to tell people about his work, people used to ask him why he doesn’t just get a normal job and they would make fun of his visions for the future. He went on to create a successful marketing agency in Iran, helping businesses with advertising, logos, business cards & more! Fast forward almost 22 years, he has put his heart and soul into being different, being creative, and standing out from the rest. This is why businesses trust their wide range of services. Everybody wants to stand out from the rest and be better than the competition.

That is our long story, short! When you do business with Persia Page, you get the benefits of so many professions under one roof. Give our dedicated and passionate team of professionals a shot and see what we’re about for yourself. We are result driven and take pride in our jobs. Every job is like a new adventure for us and we treat your business as if it’s our own. Lead generation & advertising has never been easier, thanks to Persia Page & the big vision of our companies founder. 

  What makes Persia Page so different as a magazine & directory? Good question!

 1. We have a digital copy of our Persia Page Magazine available online that we text and email to our community every month and it is always available on our website. 

 2. Our team of graphic design artists makes sure our work looks professional and clean. This gives us a huge advantage over other publishers that don’t care about graphic design much. Why would you want to read or advertise in a magazine that doesn’t care about lasting impressions & visuals? 

 3. The power of the internet is lying in the palm of our hands! One of our biggest accomplishments is our ability to create amazing websites and give them the best rankings possible across multiple media outlets and search engines. We fight hard to be on top of every search engine result! This means more traffic to our website and this translates to more attention for your business listing! We even use a portion of our revenue for google AdWords to drive even more traffic to your business. We’ve had non-Persian consumers reach out to businesses listed on our Persia Page website! This is creativity at its best and it’s an incredible achievement that we are very proud of!

 4. Communication is key to a successful relationship.

Here at Persia Page, we understand how important communication can be. We promise to help you have a good understanding of our services & we also promise to listen to all your feedback & concerns, but it doesn’t stop there. We also understand how important it is what your ad is communicating to the public, so we take the time to make sure we are representing your message clearly, professionally & ethically! 

 5. Our team of bright-minded professionals sets us far apart from others in many ways. They work hard on content, branding ideas, visuals, recognition & more! They are the backbone of our company and they are what makes us so great. There is no “I” in “team” and this way of thinking is what has made us so successful in standing out from the rest!

 6. Our network of over 20,000 individuals has really been a big advantage to our company and our team. The network that was created back in 1999 still exists today. These are all professionals around the world specializing in anything you can think of marketing! We trade ideas and help each other grow and be better. This has helped us stay up to date with the latest and greatest marketing strategies. With the world of technology constantly changing and advancing, you can be an expert one day, and way behind the next. Even with 22 years of experience, we are still looking to better ourselves and keep our marketing knowledge at 100%! 

 7. Understanding the value of community & unity has played a major role in our success. Here at Persia Page we love our Persian community and always want the best for you and we wish you great success in all your endeavors! 

Thank you for choosing Persia Page! We look forward to helping you with all your business marketing needs. We wish you peace, love, happiness & good health. Please contact us with any questions you may have.

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