24th Street Khiabane Bisto Chaharom | Full Movie

24th Street | Persian Film Khiabane Bisto Chaharom

Persian Film, Full Movie

Twenty-Fourth Street criminal-psychological drama tells the story of a woman named Shirin (Sheila Khodadad) who, after the death of her husband, with a counselor
The real estate agency is getting married to Farshid (Mehdi Mahani).

This is while Shirin girl’s thin relationship (Haditha Sadat Madani) with Farshid is not good and
Nazak is undergoing psychological treatment called Vaziri (Nikki Karimi). Farshid,

after seeing a report in the newspaper about Hamid Tavassoli, the killer who killed his wife and daughter,
He engages in nervous and violent behaviors that arouse subtle curiosity and motivate him to seek other truths.

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