40 Years Old | Film Chehel Salegi Full Movie

40 Years Old | Film Chehel Salegi Full Movie

Film Irani Full Movie

40 Years Old | Film Chehel Salegi Full Movie Farhad is on the verge of forty. He lives with his wife – Negar – and his daughter.

One day he was informed that Cyrus Kian, who once intended to marry Negar, was returning to Iran.

Director and producer of the film Forty Years: Alireza Raisian Writer: Mostafa Rastegari Based on the novel:

Nahid Tabatabai Director of Photography: Mahmoud Clari Costume Designer: Iraj Raminfar Costume Designer:

Abdullah Eskandari Sound Recordist: Nezam Kiai Composer: Kristinfari Ramtin Firoozian Production Manager: Hayedeh Qureshi

Actors: Leila Hatami, Mohammad Reza Forootan and Ezatullah Entezami 90 minutes First Assistant Director and Programmer:

Kaveh Sajjadi Hosseini (in collaboration with Roozbeh Sajjadi Hosseini).

Second Assistant Director: Abbas Nezamdoost. Stage secretary: Mehrnoosh Al-Fati. First Assistant Cinematographer: Mohammad Ebrahimian.

Second Assistant Cinematographer: Hassan Asadi. Making a behind-the-scenes film:

Kolar Clary. Editor-in-Chief: Shabnam Hosseini. Sound recording and sound composition: Mohammad Reza Delpak.

Assistant Recorder: Rasool Khairkhah. Edited by: Reza Narimizadeh (in collaboration with Hossein Mahdavi).

Sound assistants: Reza Gadazgar, Arash Ariapour, Ali Nouri, Photographer: Ramtin Firoozian, Hamid Keshani.

First Assistant Costume Designer: Adeleh Cheraghi. Second Assistant Costume Designer:

Milad Zarei. Dress manager: Sahar Bahrami. Face painting: Yavar Eskandari, Ali Arefi, Afarin Sadeghi.

Chest Mobile: Mohammad Reza Talaei. Production Manager: Hayedeh Qureshi. Production Consultant:

Saeed Sharafi Kia. Production Assistant: Akbar Aghamohammadi. Finance: Alireza Shakiba.

Administrative Affairs: Saeed Karami. Noor Group: Bahman Nadiab, Mohammad Sahibi, Amir Ali Safa, Hossein Salari. Responsible for electricity:

World section. Sound Affairs: Moon Studio. Studio Sound Recordist: Alireza Nakolal Tak.

Final caption music: Christoph Rezaei, Ali Bustan. Other actors: Soheila Golestani, Farzan Athari,

Paria Mardaniha, Seyed Ebrahim Bahr al-Ulumi, Roya Javidnia, Mehdi Fariman, Afshin Nakhaei,

Aziz Naqdi, Ashkan Sadeghi, Shahram Jamshidi, Mohammad Mahdavi, Siamak Ghasemi, Mahmoud Kia, Simin Asadi,

Ali Hassan Naseri, Sahar Abdollahi, Hossein Kiashamshki, Seyed Ibrahim Jahanshahi, Habibullah Azimi, Rabia Madani, Ali Athari, screening of the film. Negar Tamadon (Leila Hatami),

A 35-year-old woman who lives a quiet life with her husband Farhad (Mohammad Reza Forootan) and daughter Bahar (Priya Mardaniha) is assigned to the office to make the necessary arrangements for

The presence of an orchestra leader living abroad, named Kourosh Kian (Farzan Athari) in a music program. Since fifteen years ago, Negar and Cyrus have been friends and academics

And they have been working on music, this news causes dandruff and anxiety. Farhad also becomes aware of this issue and finds an emotional concern.

Many years ago, when Negar and Cyrus were temporarily arrested for walking in the park, he was in charge of interrogating and judging them, and after that,

He proposed to Negar and married her. Farhad spends some time away from his family with one of his teachers named Moayer Pirnia (Ezatullah Entezami) and his wise advice

Benefits about love and life and judgment. At the same time, using a listening device, he is informed about the conversations between Negar and Cyrus. Negar tells Cyrus

He is satisfied with his family life and Farhad is a reliable support for him. Cyrus invites Negar to play the cello in his orchestra.

But Negar rejects his invitation at the last moment. However, these adventures rekindle his passion for playing music after many years.

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