Film Esterahat Motlagh | Absolute Rest

Absolute Rest | Film Esterahat Motlagh

Director: Abdolreza Kahani

Absolute Rest is a 2014 film directed and produced by Abdolreza Kahani.
And written by Abdolreza Kahani and Saeed Ghotbizadeh. The synopsis of the film Absolute Rest is about a woman
(Taraneh Alidosti) who came to Tehran from Damghan to go back to her previous job. During a trip to Tehran, she meets her ex-husband,
who is violent and aggressive, as well as her husband’s friends who…
The narrative of vulgarity and emptiness in urban tales of the lower and vulnerable classes whose not only livelihoods,
but whose relationships are also involved in moral ruin and collapse. Ethics is not in the conventional sense of a cliché,
but in the sense of the set of actions that behaviorism formulates.

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