Ayne Baghal | Side Mirror Movie

Ayne Baghal | Side Mirror Movie

Directed by Manouchehr Hadi

Produced by Mansour Sohrabpour and Seyed Amir Parvin Hosseini Ayne Baghal
Ayne Baghal If we take a look at the comedy films that have been screened since the beginning of the year,

we will definitely understand that comedy films have turned into the movie Aine Beghal.
Comed to a cinematic brand, comedy films do not mean films that simply carry the word vulgar or vulgar.
Or related to commercial cinema and the body, if the word brand is used because of the presence of a superstar actor,
When the genre is a comedy film and the first actor is someone like Reza Attaran or Mohammad Reza Golzar, that film is in the first stage Ayne Baghal
It is a show brand because the audience only goes to the cinema for the presence of these stars. Undoubtedly, Golzar in every
Play a movie First of all, the commercial conditions of that movie are given priority. Basically, the presence of a superstar in a comedy movie.
In the first place, it is the reason for the sale of that film, but the important point is that in this type of film, the story and the form are important.
Or the presence of a superstar? Which one can draw the viewer to the cinema?
For the anniversary of his engagement, Morteza decides to take the expensive car without permission and

spend a happy day with his fiancรฉ. But in the meantime, the car suffers damage and …
Director: Ayne Baghal
Manouchehr Hadi: Born in 1351 in Tehran. In his first years in cinema as an actor,
He worked as an assistant director and logistics, but in 2006 he entered the field of filmmaking with the production of his first film called “Turbulence”.
He has produced best-selling films such as “I’m not Salvador” and later released the hit series “Romance”.
About the movie “Ayne Baghal”: Ayne Baghal
“Armpit Mirror” is one of those works that has defined its task with its audience.
When the film begins, all the known elements of the comedy nicknamed “Egg Shoulder” are found in the film.
Including poor people who are next to a very rich person and then strange situations based on
The prosperous lives of people are formed so that the share of advertising brands in financing the film is also clear and obvious.
These signs very quickly determine the film’s task with the audience and warn them against any possible speculation.
And written by Babak Kaidan is a product of 2017.
Ayne Baghal Director: Manouchehr Hadi
Music composed by: Alireza Kohandairy
Editor: Hassan Ayoubi

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