Baz Madresam Dir Shod | Part 2

Baz Madresam Dir Shod | Part 2

Iranian Serial Directed by Hossein Afsahi

Baz Madresam Dir Shod, I was late again. The name of the Iranian serial directed by Hossein Afsahi was made in 1983.

This series was made for the age group of children and teenagers from the First Channel of Sima.

Akbar Abdi has stated in his memoirs that he was paid 1000 Tomans to play in each episode of this series.

This series depicts the story of a playful boy named Mohsen (played by Akbar Abdi) who is always late for school and always has an excuse to be late.

Actors and Maps
Ismail Davarfar (Mohsen’s father)
Mahin Shahabi (Mohsen’s mother)
Akbar Abdi (Mohsen)
Inayatullah Shafi’i (Guide)
Majid Razaz (Morshed child)

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