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Bridge of Sleep Full Movie

Film Pole Khaab | Drama

Pol Khoab is a 2014 film directed and written by Ekta Braheni and produced by Jahangir Kowsari. This movie is in social style (drama)
In an adventurous atmosphere and in Persian, it is a product of Iran. This film was selected to participate in the 34th Fajr Film Festival’s New Look section.
This film is the second Iranian adaptation of the famous novel Crime and Rewards after the crime made by Mohammad Ali Sajjadi.
Shahab is about to marry her fiancé. His economic and financial circumstances enable him to enter into a business deal with his friend
But in disbelief, they raise his money. Difficult conditions prevail in his life. Money takes interest and is unable to pay its installments.
Creditors do not leave him alone. His father, who is the school secretary, enters into his story. Her fiancé is also pressuring her. Meteor affected
These pressures work strangely… Hooman Sidi, Saed Soheili, Anahita Afshar

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