Dar Modate Maloum Full Movie

Dar Modate Maloum Full Movie

Director: Majid Salehi, Dar Moddat-e-maloom. A Social Film Directed by Vahid Amirkhani

Meysam (Javad Ezzati) is a young man who has an unpublished book about temporary marriage and,

is trying to solve the social problems of young people who are under pressure through a solution that he thinks is right ….

In a known period, Vahid Amirkhani’s first work as a director and Mehdi Ali Mirzaei’s second screenplay after Ershad patrol.

In a certain period of time, as its name suggests, it should address the issue of temporary marriage as a solution to the thirst of young people for a close encounter

– young people incapable of permanent marriage – of course in a comedic tone, but the main drawback is not doing so.

Begins that Meysam-Javad Ezzati-has written a book on the subject of youth thirst and temporary marriage and is looking to publish it.

The film does not mention why this should be Meysam’s problem – is it rooted in his past? – and how the book was formed.

Rejecting his father’s proposal to marry Mohammad Ali’s daughter, why is there no news of a bold writer arguing?

When the barriers to permanent marriage and its difficulties are not determined for the viewer,

consequently the necessity of temporary marriage – as an alternative – does not become clear to him.

Meysam admits that he has socialized with the youth and knows that they and the society are “thirsty”,

but neither of this socialization is seen in the film nor of that thirst.

We see thirst only in Meysam, if everyone Young people are thirsty, comrade Meysam – Hooman Sidi

– why is he so sleepy and lethargic? Sidi and Meysam and their thirst has not been used?

Which, in addition to paying for the characters of these two, could have added more comedy to the work. Meysam

– or in his own words, Mr. Master! – gets the address.

Why Meysam does not ask him what his thirst is and what address

he wants remains unknown so that the writer can close one side of it, but for the viewer,

his only function is to add a pinch of salt to It is a work that reminds us of Saber Abr in “I am Diego Maradona”,

but much weaker than him.
Actors Javad Ezzati Vishka Asayesh Hooman Sidi Akbar Abdi Ali Osivand Toofan Mehrdadian

Saba Gorginpour Shohreh Qamar Gohar Kheirandish Mehdi Faghih Majid Shahriari Ali Soleimani Salman Farkhondeh Asghar

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