Delam Mikhad – Full movie | I want to dance

Delam Mikhad – Full movie

When an accident leaves a sad and lonely writer hearing music

Delam Mikhad all of the time he isn’t able to continue working.

Delam Mikhad Initial release: 2014 Director: Bahman Farmanara Music composed by:
Karen Homayounfar Screenplay: Omid Sohrabi Producer: Ali Taghipour

“I Want It” with all the censorship and strictness that was applied to it and the curiosities that basically these films of Delam Mikhad
They are motivating and … in terms of content, there is a big difference with other compositions of Bahman Farmanara. This time the theme of the film
It is not “death” and “death” but on the contrary, this time Farman Ara wants to reach “hope” from the heart of all tragedies and bitter social events.
I must first state that “I Want” follows the same fixed patterns as other compositions of Farman Ara. main character
It is the story of a lone intellectual man who has suffered from despair, and this despair has affected his relations with those around him.

Delam Mikhad – Full movie | I want to dance, leads his society to negativity,

He has not been able to write a single line for a long time, he is emotionally depressed and depressed because he has close friends one after another.
Loses, has a child who is the mirror of his knock (addicted and depressed – and strongly reminiscent of Kianian’s child played by Mehdi Safavi in
“A house on the water”), and in short, everything in a man’s life (which, of course, is a handful of examples from society) goes in the worst possible way.
While it seems that the inevitable end of such a story in a film by Bahman Farmanara must be death and decay, suddenly the filmmaker
It changes direction and shows that this time it has moved away from its usual purpose. “I Want” is made in a humorous tone;
A satire in which the grotesque syndrome is seen from time to time. … Delam Mikhad

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