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Film Anha, Full Movie

Their cinematic film directed and written by Ehsan Soltanian and produced by Dariush Babaian

Film Anha, Full Movie. This film is Ehsan Soltanian’s first film as a director and writer

Who made a secret series in the rain and feature films

It has a wet and salty road turn in its portfolio. It is a product of 2016

They want to live in a way that is not like others

Episode 1: Shabnam Moghaddami Jalal Fatemi Saeedeh Rudbaraki Film Anha
Episode 2 Samira Hassanpour Hassan Farzizadeh Siamak Atlasi Afsaneh Naseri
Episode 3: Hoda Zin Al-Abedin Amir Hossein Arman Saeed Dakh Maedeh Tahmasebi

Ehsan Soltanian’s film “They” is a very unsuccessful work about women’s problems. A movie that everyone ignores
The realm of storytelling and cinematic suspense speaks volumes and broken limbs. Regardless of why such an effect on
The framework of art and experience is placed. It must be added that thousands of miles are far from art, and experience. اثری که
It takes a cinematic stance against the story but has no cinematic function at all.

Images flip to concept Film Anha
In the name of female loyalty (in itself this concept is valuable and dramatic) but this attempt with anti-social thinking
The director remains fruitless. Neither feminist nor formalist narrates the story, but chants loudly and these slogans
They emit from a heavy and slow tongue.

Three women who each somehow walk on the edge of the razor of emotion and rationalism
In the end, they prefer their emotions to logic. They instill in the audience a form of immortality from a cinematic experience. To open the discussion
Here are some examples from the film itself: At first, Mehrnoosh (Shabnam Moghaddami) is introduced as a character in the story.
But deep down this character will not become a character, the relationship he has with his daughter is a stepmother relationship,
He bows down to his daughter’s insults, tries to keep a house that shows no interest at all,
He treats his suitor desperately and helplessly, as if he wants to live and does not want to. Maybe these tips to
The audience will induce a sense of encounter with the character, but certainly despair and narcissism in expressing feminine and minimal psychological concepts.
Doing it without dramatic support will not come close to a character, specifically a female character.

So far I’m sure Film Anha
That concept precedes form, and such an anti-form effect can not be expected to raise a social issue without a position.
The next character (Samira Hassanpour) shows a woman who is committed to her husband in bed and is not determined until the end.
Whether or not this commitment continues, a woman who fills her house with her husband’s photo frames does not reflect her commitment to her husband.
Rather, these chassis is the expression of his loneliness, which is left to the expression of this loneliness.

Film Anha The anti-feminist tendency of the film is revealed there
That the characters are loyal to their position and character before they have feminine interests, and this makes neither a woman nor a man.
Man is like a dough that kneads his condition and all the human beings that Soltanian introduces to his audience that
The most pivotal of them is Mehrnoosh.
* Desperate Camera I must admit that the form of the camera on hand was the most correct choice that the author could have made for this script and
… mistakenly benefited from numerous cracks and rails. .

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