Film Atash Bas 2, Cease Fire 2

Film Atash Bas 2 Full Movie, Cease Fire 2

Movie Type: Social. Year of production: 2014. Director: Tahmineh Milani

Synopsis of Fire Bus 2: A young and educated couple who are going on a trip abroad, after many years, consult their family as
They meet by chance at the airport and, while waiting for their flight, recount the events of years of their lives while their advisor
He lives abroad, they review
Director: Tahmineh Milani Writer: Tahmineh Milani Producer: Mohammad Nikbin, Tahmineh Milani Actors: Bahram Radan,
Mitra Hajar, Atila Pesyani, Gohar Kheirandish, Mehraneh Mahin Torabi, Daniel Ebadi, Flor Nazari, Pejman Jamshidi


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