Film Bekhatere Pooneh

Film Bekhatere Pooneh

Writer: Hatef Alimardani Stars: Farhad Aslani

Film Bekhatere Pooneh, Hanie Tavassoli, Tarlan Parvaneh Full Movie Majid is a middle aged man from a middle class family .

He is traditional, addicted to drugs and doubts his wife Pooneh.

On the contrary, Pooneh is from a different family with different perspectives.

The contrasts between perspectives
lead this couple to problems and make them face each other.
Majid and his wife Pooneh run into a crisis because of
Majid’s severe drug addiction.

In order to save their marriage, Majid decides to check into a rehab camp. ย However,

his resolve does not last long, and he soon harbours plans of escape.
Film Bekhatere Pooneh, Full Movie
When he eventually returns home,
he encounters a scene that arouses suspicion about Pooneh’s fidelity to their marriage.
The conflict between Majid
and Pooneh soon accumulates to unbearable levels.
A poignant look at how addiction can destroy marriage, this film boasts strong performances from its leads.
Film Bekhatere Pooneh, Full Movie

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