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Film Chahar Angosht Full Movie

Four Fingers

Four Finger Film Review; Haj Agha is going to Thailand

After making Oxidant, Hamed Mohammadi has created another Korean comedy film and the successful comedy couple has used his previous film in his new work.

Amir Jafari and Javad Ezzati are a so-called couple, and there is a good chemistry between the two actors.

Mohammadi created another combination of this couple in the film Chaharangesht, and this time instead of his father, Manouchehr Mohammadi,

To appear in the role of producer, Hamid has considered the helm of production. The film is about the son-in-law’s trip to Cambodia and then to Thailand, and his advisor is with him on this trip.

Hamid thought that he had produced Ms. Yaya’s film before the Fourteen Fingers, and since both films are narrated in Thailand,

He seems to think he has good relations with the Thais! But apart from this, it should be said that due to the lack of acceptance of the audience to Yaya,

The name and the subject of the trip to Thailand, the film leads some viewers to fear that they will face a headless film like Ms. Yaya again?

The answer to the question is that the film Four Fingers has nothing to do with Ms. Yaya’s gesture, subject, and form, and follows exactly the path that some modern comedy films follow:

Joking with the red lines and putting a person (preferably Hajj Mr. Religious related to the governing body) next to these lines

The truth is that the makers of Iranian films realized that a joke about Iranian men traveling to Thailand and Pattaya could be a pure subject.

But the problem is that the red lines in our culture and cinema are so bold

In no way can a comedy film be made from a trip to Thailand. Comedy films of this kind exist in the restrained cinema of Hollywood and are ironically successful.

(Example of the movie Euro Trip) But we all know how close the subject of the trip to Thailand is to auditing, and of course, these audits cannot be done properly in Iranian cinema.

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