Film Cheshm O Goosh Baste Full Movie

Film Cheshm O Goosh Baste Full Movie

The presence of Amin Hayaee and Bahram Afshari is one of the good points of this Iranian film that has been able to create a happy and comedic atmosphere.

Farzad Motman, the director of this film, has turned to comedy after years

A man is killed by a female criminal and two strangers are arrested for murder. One has not seen the murder scene because he is blind
The other one only saw the scene because he is deaf
They have a chance to survive this catastrophe one morning until evening…

The film is based on a popular comedy

The world is made In this film, Amin Hayaee plays the role of a deaf and Bahram Afshari plays the role of a blind man.

Actors in Amin Hayaee / Bahram Afshari / Anahita Dargahi / Pouria Poursorkh / Masoud Keramati / Linda Kiani / Mohammad Reza Solati / Mani Haghighi


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