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Film Dar Sokoot, Full Movie, Uncensored In Silence is the first experience of directing George Hashemzadeh,

an Iranian-Armenian filmmaker, which was released in 2015.
Soodabeh returns to Iran after many years to escape the torment of conscience by telling a secret. But it is very difficult for him to tell this secret …
In Silence, a drama film starring Fatemeh Motamedaria, Vishka Asayesh, Saeed Poursamimi, Pantea Panahiha, Sougal Khaliq
Ehteram Sadat Boroumand, Mohammad Reza Ghaffari and Alireza Kamali and written by Mehdi Shirzad and George Hashemzadeh and
Directed by George Hashemzadeh and produced by Ali Jalilvand and Saeed Malekan, produced in 2015 in Iran
The truth is that in silence it bears no resemblance to the films of the flow of art and experience, and with its countless stars, it only tries to hide
It has its shortcomings. Silence is one of those films that seems to cross the red line or what can be done by neglecting the veil.
Namid has been exiled to the stream of art and experience. However, the presence of Fatemeh Motamed Aria in the lead role alongside actors such as Saeedpour Samimi,
Vishka Asayesh and Pantea Panahi can be successful in attracting the audience. But it is a pity that there is a silent film full of silence that will definitely disappoint the viewer.

The film does not have a complicated narrative in silence, but it does tell this simple story in the most complex way possible. Soodabeh (Fatemeh Motamedaria) after twenty-two years
Has returned to Iran. His daughter Star (Sougal Khaliq), who has never seen him, is about to get married. Soodabeh’s success in her field of study
He came to Iran but his main goal is to get closer to his daughter. Among them Khosrow (Saeedpour Samimi) and Peri (Ehteram Boroumand) grandfather and
The star’s paternal grandmother, who raised him, is worried about Soodabeh’s return and her goal. From this summary of the story, it is possible to understand with what story
We are duplicates. A mother who, after twenty years, has just returned from her motherly sense. The family that has taken care of her ten-day-old daughter so far,
They are disturbed by the news of their mother’s return. The star’s wedding is in a state of ambiguity. The mother, alone and unmarried, after years of pain of homelessness and mystery,
He just wants to know his daughter and, contrary to everyone’s advice, he approaches her. In a few movies and TV shows, we have seen the same story and nothing in silence
There is nothing new for us. However, Petrasi tries to twist his narrative and, for example, confront the audience with an enigmatic story. But from the beginning, his own hand
He turns around and has no tricks to accompany the audience.

When the viewer moves forward from the film, the initial sequence of the film is a fascinating sequence. Soodabeh has arrived and is arranging her belongings at the hotel.
Meanwhile, his voice as a narrator begins to speak. Soodabeh, however, does not target the audience. Like the first character, writing
It is a diary or a love letter and the viewer can read his mind. Soodabeh talks to her husband, Bahram (Mohammad Reza Ghaffari)
He says he is afraid of returning. At the same time, he obsessively arranges his belongings in the room and arranges everything smoothly. In the very first sequence,
The viewer understands what the story is. Soodabeh’s character is introduced to her as a woman who has deep mental problems, and the mystery of this woman’s life is revealed.
The audience’s eyes widen. A woman who seems to have fallen in love with her husband and after years, to Iran to find the missing child
Is back. The silent sequel is perhaps the best and most dramatic sequence we see in the film. But the lack of coordination of this sequence with the rest of the narrative, in silence
It turns into a fragmented and incoherent story

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