Film fossil | فیلم فسیل

Film fossil | فیلم فسیل

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Initial release: March 15, 2023
Director: Karim Amini
  • The movie “Fossil” is a comedy about the ups and downs of a singer’s life at the
  • end of the Pahlavi period and the beginning of the Islamic Revolution.
  • He, who is in a coma during the transition period, is unaware of the developments,
  • and this ignorance of the new conditions creates funny moments for the audience.
  • In Film , according to the usual routine of most comedy films,
  • getting laughs from the audience happens with sexual jokes and vulgarity and
  • provides an unhealthy atmosphere for people under 14 years old.

Iranian Comedy Film

The comedy film “Fasil” is the story of a singer, before the revolution, who tries to get close to

the king and gain honor and position for himself, but due to bad times, he falls into a coma

for ten years and regains consciousness during the victory period of the Islamic Revolution.

All his situations and successes before the revolution become a problem for him

and these problems create humorous situations for the audience.

In this film, social abnormality appears in the form of two-sided jokes with sexual themes,

which may not be noticed by the child audience, but this does not mean that it is not effective.

Therefore, it is better to pay attention to the age rating of +14 years while watching.


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