Film Hasan Kachal | Hasan the Bald

Film Hasan Kachal

Irani | Hasan The Bald

Hassan Kachal’s film begins with the screening of the tools of the city of Farang and enters with the story of Film Hasan Kachal

He defines the past in a narrative way and then enters the story

The story begins when Hassan Kachel’s mother tries to drag him – who is shy and has not yet left the house – into the world outside the house.
For this purpose, he puts red apples next to Hassan Kachel bed at the exit and alley. When Hassan wakes up,

He picks the apples one by one until he leaves the house and the door closes on him. Hassan first goes to the alley with the children.

He gets busy playing and then goes to the market, gets tired of it, and starts playing with the kids again. Film Hasan Kachal then walking around the city

He hears a pleasant song and falls in love with it. At night, he sees his twin sleeping in the city bath.

Hamzad tells him that he can bring Hassan to his dreams, and Hassan, who has no desire but to reach the owner of that voice, raises the issue.
Hamzad tells her that this voice is from a person named Chehelgis, who is the most beautiful and tallest woman in the world, and it is very difficult to reach her.

To find a way to meet him, Hassan first meets a prostitute named Peacock on the advice of his twin.
But it does not work. Film Hasan Kachal | Hasan the Bald

He then appeals to the poet, his companion friend and the hero, and in exchange for getting to know each of these people,

his nephew asks for a dang of Omar Hassan. Hassan sees that the way to reach Chehelgis is something else
Finally, he returns to Chehelgis himself and reveals the secret of his heart to him through the wall (Hassan has not been able to see Chehelgis so far).

Chehelgis says he is in the spell of the demon and the only way to free him is to break the demon’s glass of life.
Aware of this, Hassan happily goes to his nephew and gives his whole life to get the demon’s glass.

Thus, Chehelgis is released and is placed at dawn the morning after Hassan’s marriage to Chehligis.
Hassan goes to the cemetery and fulfills his promise with his nephew. Film Hasan Kachal

Hamzad fulfills this promise and the film comes to an end.
Hassan Kachel is Ali Hatami’s first film. He directed this film in 1348. In this movie,

In addition to being a director, Film Hasan Kachal was also a screenwriter and lyricist

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