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Film Irani Boghz Shisheyi MovieThis movie with glass hatred is the story of a girl who gives a negative answer to her suitor Arman and goes abroad.

After a while, returning to Iran, he seeks the ideal and
Parivash Nazari and Ghasem Zare in the Iranian movie Hate of Glass: Introduction and review of the TV movie Hate of Glass
The movie “Glass Hate” directed by Behnam Behzadi was produced in drama 2 years ago, in 1397.
Mehdi Shafiei, the producer of Glass Hate, has produced this Persian film as a product of Iran.
In the Iranian film Glass Hatred, actors such as Parivash Nazari, Kataneh Afshari Nejad, Qasem Zare, Ramin Rastad, Alireza Agakhani,
Parvin Amir Hosseini and Mansour Mirzababaei have played roles and acted.
In the Iranian film, Glass Hate, about 8 actors have gone in front of the camera, which in terms of the number of actors, can be considered as a multi-actor work.
From this point of view, directing an Iranian film with a glass of hatred is a very difficult task, considering the number of actors and their management.
have been; It should be checked whether Behnam Behzadi as a director and as an actor as well as the acting team hated glass
Were they able to succeed in this field and show brilliant games? Other actors in the movie “Glass Hate” include Mohammad Hossein Sirati.

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