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Iranian Film Khate Vizheh

◯ Director:Mostafa Kiayee

Iranian Film Khate Vizheh A computer science genius ropes his sister into some online hacking.

Together, they manage to get into the bank account of a big-time investor.

However, they fail to anticipate the lengths this investor would go to to take back

what is rightfully his. however, A great crime drama that will glue you to your seat.

A group of hackers empties the bank account of a dangerous man. He finds out.

Now they must pay for their actions. 

Iranian Film Khate Vizheh
Iranian Film Khate Vizheh
▬ The Film Khate Vizheh Special Line is a film in the social drama genre written and directed by Mostafa Kiai.
Among the actors in the film,
we can mention Mustafa ZamaniHanieh Tavassoli, and Hooman Sidi.
Above all, most of The film succeeded at the Fajr Festival.
▬  Crystal Simorgh received the audience’s favorite film and an honorary diploma for the second
male role for playing Milad Ki Maram.
▬ Synopsis Kaveh (Hooman Sidi), a computer science genius,
along with his sister (Hanieh Tavassoli) and her sister-in-law (Mostafa Zamani).
hack into the bank account of a rent-seeker named Mohtasham (Sam Gharibian) under certain conditions.
Mohtasham resorted to illegal means to get his money back, but this huge amount of
money was given to seven young people and created many problems for them.

✤ Massoud FARASATI

In other words, The sharp script was castrated and the result is a weak and lifeless film Film Khate Vizheh.


✤ Hossein Eidizadeh

“Special Line” jokes are biting and bold.
Basically, this movie seems to be a special opportunity to joke and make a gentleman greedy.

✤ Vandad Alvandipour

In conclusion, Iranian cinema desperately needs films like “Special Line”.
secondly, Films that, while appealing to the audience and entertaining them,
help the cinema economy, show some of the shortcomings of society in critical and non-slogan language.

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