Film Koshtargah, Full Movie, Drama/Family

Film Koshtargah, Full Movie

Iranian Film

Film Koshtargah, Amir was recently deported from France.

◉  Unemployed and idle, he is obliged to stay at his father’s house.
For the sake of his father, he gets involved in a horrifying crime which
consequently leads him towards the foreign currency black market.
But he knows that the mystery should be unfolded in the last act.
Film Koshtargah, Full Movie فیلم سینمایی کشتارگاه - کامل
Film Koshtargah, Full Movie

◢ Is there anyone in the movie that I know?

Saeed Agakhani, who was in the cinema this year.
In the controversial film “Rahman 1400”, is in the film. Javad Ezzati,
one of the most successful actors in Iranian cinema in recent years, is also a film actor.
Hamidreza Azarang, an activist in cinema and theater, is also present in the film.


◥ What is the story of the film about?

After separating from her husband, a woman brings her child to Tehran
for surgery without his knowledge, but…


◤ Who is the director? Film Koshtargah

Ebrahim Ebrahimian, who began his cinematic career in
a career in 1392 with the film “Sending condolences to the newspaper” and
Two years later.


◣ “Pilot” is Ebrahimian’s third feature film. The positives of the film?

Javad Ezzati’s role in “Pilot” is also significant.
Ezzati has had a great year and has shown that he is a reliable actor.


◢  non-comedy roles.Negative points in the film?

The story of “Pilot” is repetitive and monotonous and does not create any excitement.
It is a challenge for the viewer to follow the continuation of the story.
It is disappointing that there is not a single story knot at the heart of all these problems.
characteristics a film that relies on characters suffers from extreme weaknesses.

Film Koshtargah, Full Movie

Unfortunately, the characters are more like brigades, and the filmmakers
do not make an effort to introduce them to the audience as much as possible.
The presence or absence of some characters does not affect the process of the film.
such as Fahima, for whom it is not clear why the audience cares until the end of the film.
should follow her story and pay attention to her issues.

Film Koshtargah

in recent years on the subject of child death and subsequent crises.

▷ A black film with many tensions in which the story does not find its way 

▷ The filmmaker hopes to be able to make a cinematic film from it.
“Pilot” does not seem to be a work that can gain a place in Iranian cinema.

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