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Tahmineh Milani is a director

Mali Va Rah Haye Narafte Ash known for her filmmaking for women and their issues; Fame and skill that culminates
It can be summarized in the film “Many Women”, but unfortunately, after this film, we witnessed a decline in art in the director’s cinematic works. So that’s the same in his latest film
“Melli and Her Lost Ways”, instead of seeing a narrative or a film with a special form, the viewer witnesses a long slogan about women with blackouts.
It will be a great exaggeration. By no means do I want to convey that I recommend for the mother to be inactive.
A film like “Lantori” was very much a slogan and full of blackness, and also a little bit about women and their problems, but still despite the style.
The more documentary he has about the national and the ways he has not gone, it is not boring and also he does not consider his audience as an ignorant child and respects him.
Making a national film and its lost ways and its somewhat controversial subject is not a bad move in itself; Provided that a more realistic and respectful feature film
Principles of cinematic appeal to be delivered to the audience; Not just a gift wrapping tutorial, but unfortunately even this gift wrap around the film
It has a torn and bad material that could not at least maintain its appearance

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