Film Monshie Makhsoos Man

Film Monshie Makhsoos Man

 منشی مخصوص من, سال 1400 , فیلم جدید کمدی ایرانی  

Film Monshie Makhsoos Man Movie Type: Cinematic Genre: Comedy Year of production: 1399 Director: Saleh Deldam Cast:

Cyrus Georgia, Elizabeth Amini, Hesam Nawab Safavi Synopsis: A person does not travel

on Eid night for any reason, unaware that the arrival of a boy named Saleh and his

appointment with the eldest secretary will ruin everything and lead to disgrace,

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Monshie Makhsoose Man Full Movie (فیلم منشی مخصوص من) Bozorgzadeh (Sirus Gorjestani) is a wealthy

businessman who does not travel with his wife (Elizabeth Amini) on Eid night under any pretext to

spend Eid with anyone he wants, unaware of the arrival of a boy named Saleh (Hesam Nawab Safavid)

His appointment with the great-born secretary ruins everything and leads to disgrace.

Actors of Monshie Makhsoose Man: Elizabeth Amini, Sirous Georgia, Sanaz Samavati, Hesam Navab Safavi,

Majid Shahriari, Sepideh Zakeri, Shahram Teymourian, Siavash Ghasemi, Sanaz Namdoost,

Ardeshir Kazemi, Amir Hossein Davoodi and Hawar Ghasemi.Persian Movies

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