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Film Nimeye Penhan, Full Movie | فیلم سینمایی نیمه پنهان

The Hidden Half

 داستان فیلم نیمه پنهان فرشته در آستانه رسیدگی همسرش خسرو به به پرونده قضایی یک زن محکوم به اعدام دفترچهٔ Film Nimeye Penhan
خاطراتش را به خسرو می دهد. خسرو در دفتر می خواند که فرشته که در سال های ۵۸–۵۹ دانشجو بوده، جذب گروه های سیاسی چپ می شود و به عنوان هوادار فعالیت می کند.
درباره فیلم نیمه پنهان فیلم نیمه پنهان به کارگردانی تهمینه میلانی در سال 1380 ساخته شده است. این فیلم محصول کشور ایران و در ژانر خانوادگی و اجتماعی می‌باشد.
نیکی کریمی، محمد نیک بین، آتیلا پسیانی , اکبر معززی

Film Nimeye Penhan The story is told through a manuscript which Fereshteh (Niki Karimi) leaves for her husband (Atila Pesiani) to read.

This manuscript tells the story of her life when she was 18 years old and attending the University of Tehran.

Fereshteh becomes interested in the fall of the Shah and other such political topics, and so joins a revolutionary, communist group. She gives out fliers, which was illegal as it was the Islamic Revolution period of 1978. Through the group, the young girl meets an older man, a pro-Mossadeq-era intellectual and magazine editor, Roozebeh (Mohammad Nikbin), who is intrigued by her “naive dedication to a noble cause”.

Film Nimeye Penhan While government authorities inspect the university and streets of Tehran for revolutionary activists, Roozebeh presents Fereshteh with an opportunity to flee abroad to England. However, when Roozebeh’s wife finds out about the young lady, she informs her of Roozebeh’s family. Thus, when Fereshteh finds out about the intellectual’s wife and son, as well as the fact that she is a lookalike of his childhood sweetheart, she cuts all contact with him. She then marries her husband and does not inform him of her hidden past, only to reveal it to him when he tells her about the woman who is sentenced to death, whom he is interviewing for an appeal. Fereshteh does this in hopes that her husband will listen to the woman in a less critical and more understanding view, and to reveal to him her hidden half.

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