Film Pesar Koshi | Filicide, Full Movie

Film Pesar Koshi

Filicide, Directed by Mohammad Hadi Karimi

Film Pesar Koshi ” tells the story of a social and enigmatic story directed by Mohammad Hadi Karimi.

It chronicles the hardships of the 1340s and 1370s and points to a misconception that has overshadowed family life for decades.

The film was made in 2019.

Film Pesar Koshi  This film is a product of Iran in the Drama genre.

In this film, Jaleh Sameti, Arman Darvish, Bahareh Kian Afshar, Nasim Adabi, Farrokh Nemati, Gloria Hardy,

Sahra Asadollahi, Zeinab Ghaderi, Leila Otadi, Leila Zare, Shahnaz Nosrati, Soheil Ghasedi have performed as artists.

 directed by Mohammad Hadi Karimi


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