Film Pilot, Full Movie, (Zero Floor) | Drama

Film Pilot, Full Movie


Film Pilot, Full Movie, (Zero Floor) Director: Ebrahim Ebrahimian Music composed by: Hamed Habibzadeh

Producer: Mohammad Reza Mesbah Cinematography: Alireza Barazandeh Screenplay: Ebrahim

Ebrahimian, Mohammadali Mohammadi

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Vahid comes to Tehran to stop the surgery of his four-year-old son Soheil but he finds out
he has passed away during the surgery.
Vahid blames his ex-wife Fahimeh for the death of Soheil and believes that her selfish decision
got his son killed.
Soheil’s death is a new chapter in the relationship between Vahid and Fahimeh,
with all of their unsaid words.

▬ Director & Writers Ebrahim Mohammadi
Stars   Hamid Reza AzarangJavad  EzatiBehdokht Valian

Likewise, synopsis Vahid (Hamidreza Azarang) is informed that his wife brought their four-year-old
son to Tehran for heart surgery without his permission.
in the same vein, He immediately arrives in Tehran with his brother Saeed, and this
is the beginning of a complex crisis between them.

Film Pilot - Full Movie فیلم سینمایی پیلوت - کامل
Film Pilot – Full Movie, Film Jadid Irani 2021
◗  Box office sale 589,400,000 Tomans Pilot Ibrahim Ebrahimian has no story.
It does not create a character and leaves the created suspensions without follow-up.
It is an intellectual gesture towards a society of which the author is unaware.
* The film begins with people who show themselves to be smart and intelligent.
From the superficial conflict at the gas station until the news of the child’s death
is reported, the audience is waiting for the character’s intelligence to emerge.
This news not only does not cause suspense in the story,
but it is presented as if it is the end of the story.
◑ What makes the audience curious about the future of the film is why the hospital
the doctor acts arbitrarily and the parents are separated from each other.
None of these questions provide the correct answer for the audience.
More importantly, the author did not follow the basics of the script in processing
the story and characters. Hope you all have a good day.

◗  Iran Farsi language ◖

◓ to sum up, The pilot is an objective example of a pessimistic artist to society.

subsequently, A story that seeks the flow of life again after death.

It has no cinematic head and shape and has sacrificed form for a concept that it is unable to express.
 ◑ The camera on the hand, the artificial age, the familiar and repetitive facial expressions,
the superficial and absurd characters, only indicate that the author is not
committed to the time and money of the audience.
◐ The frustration increases when the respondent notices that the woman is pregnant again
and the case remains open until the end. after that,
This work could be a lesson for cinema students. *
✘ Cast Mr. Javad Ezzati in the role of Saeed
Hamidreza Azarang in the role of Vahid
Behdokht Valian in the role of Fahima
Saeed Agakhani in the role of Hassan
Banipal Shomon as a police officer
Gilda Vishki as Ms. Mohebbi
Parviz Theory in the role of a doctor✘
Sloppy cinema, which only ends up glorifying the names and productions of different directors,
is a dangerous cinema.
◓ Cinema should reflect the pain of society artistically and make people feel good that a work
sympathizes with their pain.
Although there are still promising and good works on the silver screen,
a large number of poor works will disappoint the serious cinema audience.
◒ For example, what are the characters’ jobs?
What is the relationship between Ezzati and Azarang?

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