Film Pizza Makhloot | Mixed Pizza, Comedy

Film Pizza Makhloot

Mixed Pizza, Comedy

Film Pizza Makhloot Cousins Manouchehr and Gholam live and work in a pizza shop owned by their

friend Haji. When Haji goes on pilgrimage, he leaves his house keys with

Manouchehr under instruction to take care of the place while he is away.

Manouchehr’s wife Elaheh meanwhile works with her sister Elham in a shop

that sells wedding dresses, but their employer Molook is threatening to sell

the shop in order to pay off the debts of the man who jilted her at the altar.

In love with Elham, Gholam agrees to help Manouchehr save the women’s jobs

by getting Molook to fall in love again, and the men decide to use Haji’s empty

house as a base of operations while they plan their hilarious campaign.

Film Pizza Makhloot Manochehr and Gholam are two cousins who work at a big pizza shop which

is run by Haji. Because these two have no place to live, they spend the night in

the shop. Haji wants to go to pilgrimage and gives his house’s key to

Manochehr for safe keeping and so that he can water the plants, and advices

him to go there alone without Gholam. Elaheh and Elham are two sisters who

work and live in a bridal shop. Elaheh and Manochehr have been married for

seven years but because of the bad economic situation are unable to live together.

Gholam is in love with Elham and is supposed to marry her.

Film Pizza Makhloot Gholam and Manochehr gather the leftover pizza pieces everyday and stick them

together with cheese and send them to the girls under the name of mix pizza.

Molok the owner of the bridal shop and the girl’s boss is a spinster who has

failed in her previous marriage. The groom left her at the alter and gotten her

in trouble with some overdrawn cheques, and a group of debt collectors keep

bothering her and follow her around. Because Molok hates to even look at the

wedding dresses and to get the debt collectors to leave her alone…

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