Film Tasvie hesab | Pay Back, Full Movie

Film Tasvie hesab Full Movie

Pay Back Movie

Film Tasvie hesab. Pay Back of four violent women prisoners

in prison plotting to execute them after their release. They are released after rent A house is dragging men from the street to the same house
by disguising themselves as prostitutes.
They are tied to a chair, beaten and their money is stolen. Actors Laden Mostofi: Ziba (ornament) / Leila’s cousin,
friend of Sara and Maryam Mahnaz Afshar:
Sara / Beautiful friend of Leila and Maryam, Sania and Sorena’s half-sister Bahareh Afshari:
Leila / beautiful cousin, friend of Sara and Maryam Elsa Firooz Azar:
Maryam Hatef / beautiful friend of Sara and Leila, sister of Mahnaz Siavash Tahmourth:
Asad Yorghanchi / Wife of Hajar Akbar Abdi:
Habib Sharifi / Wife of Sarvar Mohammad Reza Sharifinia:
Poet Mohammad Nikubin: Architect Reza Attaran: Ali Hamed Behdad:
Hamid Zarei / Wife of Mahnaz Gholam Hossein Lotfi: Director Mehdi Faghih: Driver Ahmad Mehranfar:
Kamran Saeedi / Wife of Sepideh Elnaz Firooz Azar:
Mahnaz Hatef / Maryam’s sister, Wife of Hamid Shohreh Lorestani: Shirin Bina prisoner woman:
Sara and Sania and Sorena’s mother Mohammad Ali Toroush:
Secret police Flora Nazari: Ms. Riahi / Dr. Farahnaz Monafi’s neighbor Appearance: Leila’s mother

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