Film Yeki Az Ma Do Nafar | One Of Us, Full Movie

Film Yeki Az Ma Do Nafar, Full Movie

One Of Us Full Movie

Director: Tahmineh Milani Screenplay: Tahmineh Milani Producer:
Mohammad Nikbin 1 Director of Photography: Alireza Zarrin Dast Director Recording: Ishaq Khanzadi Costume Designer:
Siamak Ehsaei Makeup Designer: Jalaluddin Meyarian Actors:
Bahram Radan, Elsa Firoozazar, Homayoun Ershadi,
Daniel Ebadi, Anna Nemati, Elnaz Firoozazar, Payam Salehi,
Sara Khoeiniha, Samaneh Pakdel Synopsis: Sara (Elsa Firooz Azar) is a young and kind architect
who is very interested in her work and is serious and determined in achieving her goals. .
Babak (Bahram Radan) is the manager of a reputable architecture company.
Babak accidentally meets Sara on the street and manages to give her a number!
Now that Sarah has realized that Babak is the manager of an architecture company,
she decides to go to Babak for a job interview. After an unusual interview, Babak agrees to hire Sara in the company,
but Sara’s entry into the company causes conflicts between her and Babak, and …

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