Film Zendegi Khosousi | Full Private Life Movie


Film Zendegi Khosousi

Full Private Life Movie

Controversial and banned private life movie – complete
Private or Private Life is a 2011 film directed by Mohammad Hossein Farahbakhsh,

written by Asghar Naeemi and produced by Abdullah Alikhani.
Guidance and privacy patrols were suspended after six days of release due to opposition from Hezbollah Ansar. But after a while,

Alireza Sajjadpour, the director of monitoring and evaluation of the Ministry of Guidance, announced the limited release of this film.
But after a while, the Screening Council announced the total revocation of the film’s license.

Actors Farhad Aslani Hanieh Tavassoli Laia Zanganeh Saeed Nikpour Kazem Hajirazad Hossein Ali Ghorchi Vahid Tavakoli
Jalil Malekzadeh Hassan Norouzi Japanese slave Mana Bahrami Hadith face artist Atila Pesyani (honorary presence) Amir Aghaei (honorary presence)

Synopsis: This film is the story of a man named Ibrahim, who was initially

an extremist and after being fired from his government posts as an opposition
He starts publishing controversial articles in his newspaper and his lifestyle changes completely.

The difference between Islamic law and morality, and the mixing of the two, is one of the themes used in this film.

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