Fossil Movie | فیلم سینمایی فسیل

Fossil Movie | فیلم سینمایی فسیل

Director: Karim Amini: Legal download Fossil Iranian movie by Karim Amini

Title: “Fossil”, Initial release: March 15, 2023, Cast:

  • Alnaz Habibi
  • Elahe Hasari
  • Omid Rouhani
  • Iman Safa
  • Babak Karimi
  • Bahram Afshari
  • Gholamreza Nikkhah
  • Hadi Kazemi
  • Javad Hashemi
  • Samaneh Maniri

Summary of “Fossil”:

This film, firstly, tells the story of three singers in the 1950s who undergo various changes in their lives as time passes and, subsequently, after the revolution.

In recent news, Rohollah Sohrabi, Director-General of Film Distribution, registered “Fossil” for Persian New Year release.

Moreover, its nationwide screening will begin on March 15th.

Box Office Sales: “Fossil” film grossed over 250 billion Tomans at the box office!“Fossil” stands as an Iranian comedy-drama film under the direction of Karim Amini, featuring a screenplay penned by Hamza Salehi and produced by Seyed Ebrahim Ameryan. It graced the screens in 2020, following its premiere on February 13, 2023, making it a noteworthy entry in Iranian cinema. This cinematic masterpiece, “Fossil,” has etched its name in history as Iran’s highest-grossing film, amassing an astonishing 256 billion Tomans in sales. Its popularity doesn’t stop there, as it attracted an audience of over 5,950,000 viewers during its inaugural year, solidifying its position as the most-watched film in the annals of Iranian cinema.

The storyline revolves around the lives of three central characters – Ismail, Saeed, and Safa, all members of the musical ensemble “Black Dogs.” Driven by dreams of fame and success, they navigate the tumultuous waters of their musical careers. Ismail harbors a relentless ambition to perform in the presence of the Shah, while Safa, driven by left-leaning ideals, endeavors to win the hearts of the people through his protest songs – a journey that ultimately lands them behind bars.

“Evolution of Singers: 1950s to Revolution”


Asi, meant for the Shah’s stage, falls into a coma and wakes up ten years later after a fateful accident.

His reentry into consciousness, however, coincides with the dawning of the Islamic Republic, with the Shah no longer in power. Consequently, in this new reality, Farangis moved on, Saeed joined a committee, and Safa faced espionage charges with the People’s Mujahedin of Iran.

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Asi reunites with Farangis, and with his father’s blessing, they unite after her divorce. However, On Asi’s wedding night, a heated confrontation occurs between Safa and Saeed, now on opposing political sides.This altercation results in Asi once again slipping into a coma. In 2009, while in the hospital, Asi wakes up to a different world as Mahmoud Ahmadinejad speaks on TV.  The writer says one film scene was censored, with a few seconds cut. Karim Amini, Ali Batani, and Armin Tahmasbi co-wrote the initial screenplay, while Hamza Salehi worked on the final version.

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