Full Movie, Pele Akhar | The Last Step

Full Movie Pele Akhar, The Last Step

Full Movie Pele Akhar

The Last Step Film Among the films that have been accepted in Iranian festivals in the last two decades, works such as The Last Step are a kind of exception.
Exceptions because these types of films have nothing to do with political and social issues and do not reflect any other concerns.
Of course, this in itself is neither a fault nor a virtue and is only a feature. But when in the absence of a realistic narrative related
With social issues, a completely personal story emerges in the form of a borrowed structure. The result is nothing but a sterile film.
It will not come out of the water. This type of cinema can be called “memory cinema”. A cinema that tells “memory” instead of a story
Memory is a completely personal type of narrative that usually does not have a regular structure, and it is the narrator of the memory that without any
A constraint decides where to start, what to say, and where to end

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