Gis Borideh, Full Movie

Gis Borideh, Full Movie

Wig Cut A film directed by Jamshid Heidari and written by Hassan Ansarian, made in 2006

With the spread of awareness in today’s society, it is expected that most issues will be resolved through dialogue and finding appropriate solutions to the problems of Gis Borideh, Full Movie

We no longer see physical clashes between people in the community, especially families. But again, unfortunately, we see this type of clashes under different headings.

However, in the 21st century, despite being aware of each other’s rights and civil rights, physical confrontations under any heading and circumstances seem to be neutral.

Gis Borideh In the meantime, we should never be unaware of the existence of existing and ideological contradictions, and we must accept that in most situations, if contradictions lead to ideology.

Violence can be difficult to prevent. If this is clearly seen in traditional countries

Of course, all societies have their own contradictions, and no society can exist without contradictions. It’s the contradictions in society that

After a period of conflict, it finally moves towards enlightenment.

Gis Borideh In this age of massive information and communication through images, has led a number of image experts

Like film directors and actors, they portray some of the contradictions and social problems and often try to do it in different ways.

Those who recount the problems and shortcomings that most of the society is involved in to inform the audience. One of a kind

Social Problems, which has recently been portrayed, a film called Wig Cut, directed by Jamshid Heydari, was released in 2006.

Gis Borideh, Full Movie This film, starring Golshifteh Farahani and Mohammad Reza Sharifinia, addresses the current problems that most almost traditional families face.

It’s dealing with. Families who are too bigoted and too patriarchal. This is the story

Maryam is the first child of the family in the last year of high school. He who is not more than seventeen years old by sending love letters from the person

Anonymity is encountered at school and at home, and this makes the school and family, especially parents, suspicious.

His father, who grew up in a patriarchal family

Continuous anonymous calls to Mary’s home from time to time Gis Borideh

He has been beaten by his father several times


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