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Hafte Makoos, Full movie

Film Reversed Seven

The film “Seven Reverses” directed by Mehdi Khosravi was made in 2015.

This film is a product of Iran and is in the family and social genre in Javad Hafte Makoos – Full movie

Summary: I feel like I have always stood on the edge of a precipice in my life … I would like to jump down but I never dared to do it now …

I wish I could go back and fix something, but alas, that’s impossible

“I feel like I’ve always been on the edge of a precipice in my life, I like to jump down. But I never had the courage, I do not have it now…
I wish I could go back to fix something… But alas it is impossible! Shahrooz is a young man who is a fugitive from his past. He was addicted and imprisoned for robbery. He has lost his love for his addiction and decides to choose the right way of life after his release from prison. But he is not sure of himself. With this wish, Shahrooz goes back the story of his life week by week. Maybe he realizes the challenges and shortcomings. The guide separates the path from the well for him. But he still has not found the capacity to be different… “Seven Reverses” with a social theme is simulated in the fantasy genre. In other words, this film is an Iranianized version of a repetitive story that has already been repeatedly experienced in world cinema.
A set of events that come from the past in a negative time period (inversely) and dominate the character over their future. “Memento” is one of these films. The film is a neo-noir film with a psychological theme, directed by Christopher Nolan in 2000. The black-and-white sequences in “Reminder” form a linear narrative, and the color sequences are narrated in reverse (from end to beginning). At the end of the story, these two types of narratives are connected.
The structural structure of “reminder” is implemented in a simpler and more rudimentary way in “Seven Reverses”. “Edge of Tomorrow”, directed by Doug Lyman in 2014, is another film made in the same narrative style, similar to “Reminder”, with the same main plot and the same time rotation. Although this American film is produced in a scientific genre with a different and warlike theme, the narrative style and soul of the story include the same plot and time period. In this film, the public relations officer takes part in a very important operation against the aliens and is killed on the battlefield, but finds himself trapped in a circle of time that takes him back to the day before the war each time he was killed.
“Seven Reverses” has tried hard not only in style, but also in content to master this narrative style by following the example of the above mentioned examples and of course other more empirical examples of this cinema. This effort, as is evident in the text, is clearly visible in the performance and structural patterns of the film.
What is noteworthy in this regard is that this method of narrative or genre and genre is not the only exception to its inherent formulation or its transformational structure. In this way, the screenwriter targets the identities and intends to tell more than one story in the film with this narrative method. Maybe something is hidden in the forgotten corner of our unspoken existence, or we have pursued it in our dreams. Such a film, with its inverted story and narrative, occupies two layers of the audience’s intellectual structure. The first layer is self-awareness and the second layer is the main narrative of the film. The main point, however, is followed in the first layer. In this way, the screenwriter and filmmaker intend to challenge the audience.
A tunnel over the hidden and self-conscious identity within. In other layers, the film transcends the conscious and penetrates the dark corners of the subconscious. The same identity that has been with us since childhood and has made us successful or unsuccessful in important moments.

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