Let Off My Hand | Vel Kon Dastamo

Let Off My Hand | Vel Kon Dastamo

Iranian Comedy Movie Type

Social – Comedy Let Off My Hand | Vel Kon Dastamo Let Off My Hand Saber is imprisoned because of an unpaid check,

but his misbehavior in jail has made his case even worse.
His daughter will be married in just a few days, and everyone is trying to provide him a leave of absence.
Saber is allowed to leave, but only in the company of a plainclothes officer. In the meantime,
he goes through some interesting adventures.

Iranian Comedy Movie Type Let Off My Hand: Social – Comedy | Vel Kon Dastamo

Year of production: 2009 Director: Mojtaba Cheraghali Film
Synopsis: Mr. Saber Machoon, give me a job and has a returned check, he has been imprisoned, meanwhile his daughter
He is going to get married and Saber’s family is asking the head of the prison to release him for a few days so that he can
Let the bride and groom go, the father leaves Saber on leave for 3 days, leaving the document to go to a wedding with an agent named Akbari, and
Actors of Iranian comedy : Sirus Georgia, Ali Sadeghi, Laleh Sabouri, Nafiseh Roshan, Shohreh Ashtari
Genre: Comedy Format: Duration: 78 minutes a year

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