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Nish Zanboor Full Movie

Nish O Zanboor 

The complete bee sting of actors Reza Kianian, Reza Attaran, Merila Zarei, Jaleh Sameti, Bita Saharkhiz
Elizabeth Amini, Reza Davoudnejad, Pourandokht Mahiman, Mahvash Vaghari, Queen Ranjbar Synopsis:
It is the story of two fraudulent friends named Reza and Asad who are in a rivalry of different professions and
Suddenly someone walks around …
“Bite and Bee” is another failed attempt to complete the many recent failures of Iranian cinema, especially when everyone expects something to happen.
We still do not remember that Hatami Kia’s “invitation”, “a woman’s foot is always involved” Tabrizi, Jirani “stars”,
“Santouri” Mehrjoui and even earlier “Duel” Darvish with all the costs and publicity all the time
(Especially during production and through news and advertisements) were supposed to be important, special and influential events of this cinema, but the result, if not some weak films.
Which was so mediocre and neutral that the big names and brilliant records of those involved remained on their hands.
; What is more, without titration, everyone was on the same level and without an identity. Now the story of the sting and the bee is a continuation of the same story.
Of course, unlike the mentioned examples, not in terms of directing, but this time due to big and effective names such as Kianian,
Takht-e Takian, Sehat and Attaran, the film did not do what was supposed to happen and failed to achieve its goals.
Apparently, everything is formed from an idea by Kianian. Reza Attaran, the actor in this film, has acted in films such as Kalashnikov, Quarantine and…


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