Sale Dovom Daneshkadeh Man | Sophomore Year of My School Movie

Sale Dovom Daneshkadeh Man

Sophomore Year of My School

Sale Dovom Daneshkadeh Man | Full Movie Iranian film of the second year of my college

The film of the second year of my college, produced in 2017, is the latest film of Rasoul Sadr Ameli as a director, after 9 years after making the film, waiting for a miracle

This film is based on a screenplay by Parviz Shahbazi and was tested by 900 people, and finally 22 actors and 2 new faces were introduced to the cinema.
The film was screened for the first time at the 37th Fajr Film Festival
Synopsis Mahtab (Saha Niasti) and Ava (Aristotelian Angel) are second-year students at the Faculty of Architecture who, together with a number of other classmates,
A student travels from Tehran to Isfahan for a few days. In Isfahan, Ava bleeds and is taken to hospital

Film Sale Dovom Daneshkadeh Man
There, Mahtab calls Ali (Ava’s boyfriend) to come to Isfahan and
Rasoul Sadr Ameli is one of those filmmakers who has a special concern in his films and this particular concern is the problems that exist for young girls in society.
In his films, he also tries to use novice actors for the main roles in the film. The result of this work has been the introduction of a number of good actors to Iranian cinema

The most famous and popular of these actors is Taraneh Alidosti. Sale Dovom Daneshkadeh Man Alidosti first starred in the film “I am 15 years old” by Sadr Ameli.
In his new film “The Second Year of My College”, Sadr Ameli has tried to analyze the situation of a female student and her relationship with her friend.
But this film is not as powerful as films like “Girl in Sneakers” and “I’m 15 Years Old.”

It should be noted that the script of this film was written by Parviz Shahbazi
He himself has made films such as “Darband” and “Deep Breath”. The subject matter of this film may be a good one, but it pays well
It has not been done and for this reason it has become a normal film work.

The story of Sale Dovom Daneshkadeh Man is about two close friends (Mahtab and Ava) who are with their other friends and
University officials go to the Isfahan camp. Something happens to Ava and Mahtab is in a special situation.

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