Searing Summer Full Movie

Searing Summer Full Movie

 Drama Iranian Film, Director: Ebrahim Irajzad

In this article, we have criticized Ebrahim Irajzad, the first film of Hot Summer.

A film that is considered a social drama and was successful at the Fajr Festival.
Hot Summer Cast: Prinaz Izdiar, Mina Sadati, Saber Abar and Ali Mosafa

There are two ways to create characters in a screenplay. The first way is to write from the outside in,

which usually leads to the creation of incredible characters, and the second way is to write from the inside out. In fact,

in the first method, the author, according to the structure and sequence of events in the course of the story,

designs the performance of the characters in such a way that the product of their performance forms the desired story.

The big problem with this form of writing is that the souls of the characters are taken from them and are no longer tangible and identifiable.

Conversely, in the second method, the most importance is given to the characters.

The writer puts himself in the place of each character and makes decisions on behalf of the character and promotes the drama.

The danger of this form of writing is that the course of the story may change depending on the behavior of the characters.

If the script of the script is written with patience and the path of creating the character from within and

completing the sequence of events of the script (plot) goes in parallel, the two mentioned dangers can be repaired. In the review of Hot Summer,

we will emphasize the two themes of character and the element of event in advancing the story of the script.

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