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The Fifth Reaction, Full Movie | Vakonesh Panjom

Fifth Reaction Director: Tahmineh Milani Writer:

Tahmineh Milani Producer: Tahmineh Milani, Mohammad Nikbin Actors: Niki Karimi,
Merila Zarei, Laden Tabatabai, Mohammad Reza Sharifinia, Jamshid Hashempour,
Shahab Hosseini, Homayoun Ershadi, Gohar Kheirandish,
Ali Ghorbanzadeh, Buick Mirzaei, Negin Sadegh Goya,
Farzad, Ahoo Kheradmand, Afarin Ebeisi, Farhad Khan Mohammadi, Hossein Shahabmanesh
Synopsis: Fereshteh, a school teacher, loses his wife Saeed in an accident. Her father-in-law Haj Safdar
He is a rich and influential man who owns a transport company. He tells Fereshteh that now that Saeed is dead, he is no longer related to their family
Because Haj Safdar has two single sons at home and Fereshteh is not a mahram to them, he must leave their house …

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