The Nameless Alley | Film Koocheh Bi Nam

The Nameless Alley

The Nameless Alley | Film Koocheh Bi Nam, Full Movie

Depicts the lives of two families in an impoverished neighbourhood whose different outlooks
on life bring about a number of problems for them .  The movie is about family of Haj Mehdi,
who lives with his devout and religious wife, they also own 3 daughters. In the lower
level of same building, a woman named Farzaneh lives, she lost her husband,
and lives with her son and a baby girl. The story is about the life of these two families.
Family of Haj Mehdi with three daughters . The girls are grown as unruly and rebellious,
so they behave opposite way of their family beliefs. The whole movies make a
study about the life of this generation, and their aggressive behavior, which is result of being in tide and traditional family.
The Nameless Alley, Film Koocheh Bi Nam, Full Movie
Two families who live in neighborhood in south of Tehran have different looks to life.
These differences make some troubles for both.
Directed by Hatef Alimardani Written by Hatef Alimardani
Stars Farhad Aslani Baran Kosari Pantea Bahram

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