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 Three Strangers Full Movie

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The film Three Aliens is directed by Mehdi Mazloumi, written by Mehdi Mazloumi and Amir Baradaran and produced by Masoud Redaei and Habib Esmaili and made in 2014.
Three Social Aliens and Comedy is a product of Iran in 2014. The film was directed by “Mahdi Mazloumi” and actors such as

“Mohammad Reza Sharifinia”, “Amin Hayaei”, “Majid Salehi”, “Hamid Lolaei”, “Sahar Qureshi”, “Borzoo Arjmand”, “Rabia Oskooi” and “Leila Otadi”

They have played a role in it. Three foreigners sold for 2 billion Tomans. This film is one of the best Iranian films in the download section of the Iranian film on the Movineh website.
Initial release: 2014
Director: Mehdi Mazloumi
Music composed by: Amir Tavassoli
Editor: Kaveh Imani
The film is well known for the fact that in some places it was a little funny with verbal jokes, as well as in the jokes it expressed some of the problems of the society.

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