• Your review on Top Iranian lawyers | Network

    When it comes to understanding your legal issues, is the place to start.

  • Your review on Bestrux Road Service

    If you own a truck you will want to take it to these guys, the best truck road service, they are the best at fixing commercial motor vehicles. They are very knowledgeable and skillful on top of that they are reasonable. Max is extremely helpful and very knowledgeable. When he promised the truck will be done it is done at the time they told you. I have taken my truck there and I’m very satisfied with there work!
    Best Mobile Truck Repair forever!

  • Your review on Dr. Samira Bakhshizadeh, DDS

    Everyone is friendly, attentive, and they answer all of my questions.

  • Your review on Amir Persian Restaurant | Sydney

    I gave 5 stars because of their effort, not their service or food.

    The restaurant has apparently changed hands recently, and the new owners are settling in. So I gave them 5 Stars for encouragement but will change upon future visits if no improvements.

    The place is small (1 room) but clean and nicely presented. The greeting was immediate and with the usual, and well known, Iranian hospitality.

    The gentleman taking our order and another gentleman cooking (who I assume was Amir) disappeared out of sight and came to the dining room from time to time. So there was no one around most of the time. There was construction banging from another room around the hallway which was by no means professional. (I thought maybe they were beating the meat for kabob Barg)

    The food was not particularly special, but average. Their Iranian ice cream was “almost” tasty, but not quite there yet. Although it was exactly as pictured in their menu. Their menu was incomplete and I had to ask for what I saw, before visiting through Google, which I presume was published by previous owners.

    They seem to survive on word of mouth, and primarily visited by Iranians, since they are virtually invisible from the road, facing a dirty alley. And their entrance is far from tidy.

    I wish them all the luck, but it will be difficult as they lack 3 essential criteria for success, Location Location Location.

  • Your review on Javan Persian Restaurant, Sydney

    First time having Persian food and it was amazing. The kebabs were juicy and full with flavours, saffron rice tasted buttery and went well with the meat.
    We ordered a Persian ice cream which was very special!
    Nice and quiet environment, perfect for family or friends gathering. Highly recommend!

  • Your review on Diwan | Persian Restaurant

    Excellent Iranian food, the meat was very very very tasty, the rice was Iranian with superiority.
    Really Amazing !!!!!!
    Restaurant have lovely atmosphere with old decorations.
    Everything was beautiful, calm and gentle.

  • Your review on Little Persia | Sodermalm Borough

    Good food for a good price! Not the best Persian place in Stockholm, but a good place to go! The staff is nice and polite, the price is good, and the food is good

  • Your review on Little Persia | Sodermalm Borough

    Interesting place, but it let us a bit down. The whole concept is very appealing, a restaurant filled of life and young people, with nice persian decoration..while the menu was looking interesting. The food is over priced for what it offers, given that most of the dishes are actually microwaved. Good quality, ok taste, good service otherwise. Highlight of the night, the waiter’s question on who ordered the vegetarian lamn dish