Chaharshanbeh Soori fire Festival

Chaharshanbeh Soori fire Festival
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 Chaharshanbeh Soori fire Festival in Iran

For centuries, Iranians have celebrated the fire festival or Chaharshanbeh Soori with fireworks, partying around small bonfires and Ghashogh-Zani (spoon-chimes), a Persian version of trick-or-treating, by covering up and banging on pots and pans, going door-to-door asking for treats. Last night millions of Iranians attended this year’s festivities as shown in pictures. See a list of Charshanbeh Soori events around the world

Chaharshanbeh Soori is the last Tuesday even before Iran’s new year celebration which is Nowruz, the moment of Spring equinox. The new year festivities and visitation to relatives and friends last 13 days and end with Nature-Day Sizdeh Bedar when everyone is expected to get outdoors and celebrate nature around Easter. See a list of Nowruz events around the world.

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