ALireza Motahari

Path to Aurora Immigration Services Ltd. is a Canadian firm registered under the federal government of Canada and the provincial government of British Columbia. We provide advice regarding immigration to Canada, Permanent or temporary.

About the consultant, Alireza Motahari is a member of The Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC). The council is authorized by the government of Canada to protect clients of immigration services through effective regulation of immigration and citizenship consultants. He holds a certificate in Canadian Immigration Laws, policies and procedures from the University of British Columbia (UBC) and a bachelor’s degree in law from Iran. The consultant identification number is R533723.

CitizenshipCanadian citizenship with full rights and duties is obtained by three methods: Jus Soli (Right of soil, obtained by birth in Canada), Jus Sanguinis (Right of blood, obtained when one of your parents or both are Canadian), Naturalization (Grant of citizenship).

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If you are a PR of Canada and complied with your residency obligation and other required eligibility requirements, then maybe it is the time for you to apply through “Naturalization” and become a proud Canadian.

Provincial Nominee Program, your way for immigrating to CanadaThe Provincial Nominee Program provides a method to attract skilled workers and experienced business professionals who wish to settle and gain permanent status in one of Canada’s provinces.

The advantage of this program is its shorter processing time compared to federal programs. Like other programs, people who want to apply under the Provincial Nominee Program must meet specific criteria. The criteria for each province vary and we can help you to choose the best province that your qualification matches with its requirements. Those requirements are changing constantly and depend on labor market shortages in each province.

Work and Study PermitOne of the best strategies to immigrate to Canada is coming to Canada with a work permit or study permit. The advantage of this way is that you can assess the lifestyle, environment, and culture here and decide whether you want to be a permanent resident afterward or not. If yes, then you have gained a good experience (by working or studying) and you may be eligible to apply for PR through available programs for you.


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