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Allen Shabani Law Group

Allen Shabani Law Group, LLC | Pelham, Alabama

At Allen Shabani Law Group: Attorney Allen M. Shabani is equipped with years of experience helping Individuals and Families.

He works hard to protect his clients and is committed to developing and implementing effective legal strategies that get our clients the results they deserve.

He is recognized for providing compassionate and effective legal services.

His approach keeps our clients involved in their cases so they receive accurate, knowledgeable guidance and expert representation.

Attorney & Counselor at Law Fluent in English, Farsi, and Turkish

My office offers wide varieties of legal services in the area of Family and Divorce Law, Criminal Defense and Post Convictions, Pardons and expungement, Personal Injuries and Car Accidents, Civil Litigation and Immigration Laws.

Criminal Law

Attorney Allen M. Shabani is experienced in the field of criminal defence and has handled a wide range of cases.
Family & Divorce Immigration USA:
Involved in a child custody or divorce? Attorney Allen Shabni has many years of experience representing clients in all aspects of Family Law.
Immigration USA:
For Information on how Attorney Allen Shabani can help you with your Personal Immigration case,
Litigation Wills & Estate Planning
People throughout the State of Alabama are injured every day due to the negligence or recklessness of another person.



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