Ani Groceries & Deli

Ani Groceries & Deli, Grocery Store

When you’re looking to buy ingredients in a pinch, Ani Groceries and Deli boasts a perfect grocery store for that very purpose.
With fast service, you’ll be able to go in and out at their store in Glendale in no time.
Add a little bit of sweet goodness to all your baked goods for top-notch flavour and form.
Pick up your staples at Ani Groceries and Deli.
If you love to taste different tea and coffee blends, check out the selection of items available at Ani Groceries and Deli.
We all could use a little dairy in our diet, so why not add some to your day and pick it up at Ani Groceries and Deli?
You’ll feel great knowing you’re getting just the right nutrition.
Feeling hungry? Canned food from Ani Groceries and Deli makes for a quick and tasty breakfast, lunch, or dinner option.
A healthy and light snack from Ani Groceries and Deli is a great way to keep your energy up throughout the day.
Don’t settle for bland food. Pick up some spices and seasonings from here and make your next meal a hit.
Produce like this is not just nutritious…it’s delicious, too!
Every chef needs a break from the heat, so enjoy a frozen dinner without lifting a finger.
Take care of your thirst quickly with a bottle of refreshing water from Ani Groceries and Deli.
Catch all your omega-3 fatty acids! Fish are delicious and nutritious, so start planning your next seafood platter.
Get your noodle on! Ani Groceries and Deli has some of the best and affordable noodle and pasta options in the area.
The bread baked at Ani Groceries and Deli gets rave reviews, so taste it yourself today.
When you’re looking to eat something delicious but have literally no time, you’ll want to try the delicious frozen food here.
It’s a shortcut to perfectly scrumptious food. Persian grocery store
Here you can find an assortment of meats, such as pork and chicken, to meet your personal needs. Don’t have time for breakfast?
Quick and crunchy, cereal is a great way to start your morning no matter how late you’re running.
People can’t get enough of the drinks here that take refreshment to the max.
If you are starting to run low on oil and vinegar, head on over here and pick up your favourites.
You’ll be happy to know there are amazing parking options in the area.
So don’t let good groceries pass you by and stop by Ani Groceries and Deli in Glendale for some tasty eats and drinks.


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