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Arabic-English Translation Services

Arabic-English Translation Services, Inc

Farsi Translation

  • Washington DC, New York, MD, Fairfax, Virginia, Maryland, NYC
  • Farsi Medical Translation
  • Corporate Branding Translation
  • Farsi Corporate Translation:- Farsi Contract Translation – Annual Reports- Farsi Technical Translation  – Website localization – Employee handbooks  – Labour law and much more.
  • Cultural Consultancy
  • Certified Documents Translation: – Birth Certificates  – Power of Attorney – Marriage and Divorce    Certificates
  • Farsi to English translation and English to Farsi translation services are not limited to those listed. Call for more information.

Low-Cost Farsi Translation Expert Farsi Translator

  • Farsi Document Translation
  • Farsi Certified Translation
  • Farsi Desktop Publishing
  • Audio/Video Transcription
  • Editing & Proofreading
  • Translation Proficiency Testing
  • Linguists Evaluation & Training
  • Medical and Legal Translation
  • Farsi Immigration Translation
  • Farsi Voice-over Talents
  • Farsi Website Translation
  • Proposal Translation
  • Farsi Contract Translation
  • Farsi Translator
  • Notary Translation
  • Immigration Document Translation
  • Farsi translation, quick service, globally competitive prices, and on-time delivery gives you more overall value.
  • Farsi Translation English to Farsi Translation Farsi to English Translation On-time Delivery

Farsi is commonly referred to as Persian. The Farsi language is the language of Iran. In 1935 the country known as Persia changed its name to Iran.

Today some people continue to use the term Persian to describe the Farsi language.

in Arabic-English Translation Services All translation services that we provide are available for Farsi translation.

The quickest and most efficient way of obtaining a quote for Farsi translation is to email your documents to We translate most languages. Best Persian translator near me

We work with you to meet your deadlines. You’ll receive our Deluxe Service. No surprises. No add-on. Call Today

We offer translation and related services in Middle Eastern languages, Spanish, French, Indonesian, Thai, Chinese, Urdu, Pashto, Dari, Farsi and Arabic.

Arabic Translation Services was first established in 2005 as a sole proprietorship in Fairfax, Virginia, until, in April 2010, the owner/president of the company, Mrs Miranda Conyers, decided that it was time to respond to the growing market needs by adding more languages and incorporating the business.

With the new structure, the company will continue to offer its entire range of translation and business services in Arabic but will also provide them in Urdu, Pashto, Farsi, Dari, Pashto, Indonesian, Thai, Chinese, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian and more.

Its main goal is to win government contracts and add new corporate clients to join in with them in their global war against terrorism and their promotion of human rights, international trade and global understanding.

Because of our experience in the field, we are in a better position than many when it comes to screening linguists for their technical expertise, skills and computer literacy. We are also more experienced than most in managing the product from start to finish. Why?

because the president herself is a linguist by profession and knows the ins and outs of the art of translation.