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Arash Zarei, Lawyer in Vienna, VA

Personal Injury Attorneys Near Me, Arash Zarei is a lifetime resident of Fairfax County.
After that, He devotes his practice.

To represent clients with high-quality, personal, for instance, cost-effective services.

Above all, His knowledge and experience in multiple areas of law have given him

The edge required for resolving complex cases.

Personal injury Lawyer in Vienna, He is the managing attorney of the law firm.
Personal Injury Attorneys Near Me.

☞ Arash Zarei has been a lifelong resident of Fairfax County.


Moreover, He attended George Mason University, subsequently,

where he got a Bachelor of Arts in Government and International

Politics, with a concentration in Middle-East affairs.

In the same vein, His exposure to the legal field began as an undergraduate During a summer internship.


➦ Personal Injury Lawyer in Vienna

Irvin, Berlin, & Vrooman in Washington, DC.

Therefore, The internship converted into a summer job and then to a year-round

Part-time position until 2004.

Personal Injury Attorneys Near Me Vienna, VA


➥ Arash Zarei received his Juries Doctorate from Thomas M. Cooley Law School in 25,
However, making him the youngest graduate of his class.
He completed his externship at the 30th Judicial
Circuit Court of Ingham County, in the Family Division.
Upon being admitted to the Virginia Bar,
He pursued his passion and enter the private practice of law.


From the beginning, Personal Injury Attorneys Near Me
He has devoted his practice to representing clients with high-quality,
For example, personal, and cost-effective services.

He has successfully attained very favorable results for his clients in personal injury claims.
So, He’s ready to negotiate or litigate approach has assisted expedited and favorable results in divorces as well.

Therefore, Arash Zarei has attained successful results for delayed Naturalization
(N-400) applications by filing Writ of Mandamus

➥ For example, Petitions in the Federal Court and helped individuals,
Clear their debts and gain financial rebirth with Bankruptcy.
In conclusion, His knowledge and experience in multiple areas of law have given him
The edge required for resolving highly complex cases.


In short, Arash Zarei admits practicing law in the Commonwealth of Virginia, U. S. Eastern District Court of Virginia, U.S.
Bankruptcy Court for the Eastern District of Virginia, and the District of Columbia.
He is fluent in Persian/Farsi and an avid Redskins fan (HTTR)!


Personal Injury Attorneys Near Me

 Personal injury Lawyer in Vienna, VA, Persian/ Iranian Lawyer in Vienna, VA


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