Atlas Market

Atlas Market Poway: Do you ever find yourself searching in the fridge for something different?

Do you want to try foods from all around the world?

Would you like to shop for all the food and services you need in one location?

How would you like to encounter new cultures and people in a friendly shopping environment?

At Atlas World Fresh Market, we work hard to offer the finest quality products and services from around the world, as well as a large selection and great values.

“THANK YOU for bringing some amazing products, flavor, culture, value, and uniqueness to Poway/Rancho Bernardo suburbia!

I was blown away by my visit yesterday and felt compelled to write this review today and encourage everyone to visit

Store Atlas Market soon to check out the great selection now – and the wonderful things they will have in store next month when the prepared food market opens up.

First and foremost – this store is large, clean, and the employees were genuinely nice and helpful.

I bought several items from the butcher shop in the back that I made for dinner last night and they were!

Persian Supermarket

Atlas Market (Poway, CA)

All amazing (Seasoned ground beef you make into kebobs, and the pre-marinated saffron chicken tenders).

Both types of meat were fresh, extremely high quality, and surprisingly affordable.

Of Indian foods as well (they have some unique frozen naan bread and side Indian dishes that pair well with anything!).

They also have a lot of European items – chocolates, meats, dumplings, etc. Dairy and produce sections looked terrific too and they have plenty of my staples

That I get at the other big-named stores. WOW. Please go pay a visit and welcome this wonderful new supermarket to the Poway area.

Go outside your comfort zone and try some new things too! You will be happy you did!”



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    I love this place they have all kinds of great stuff for when you are hosting a dinner from bread meat and there are pastries are the best they have. Really huge selection of pastries amazing. The cashier’s girls are always very friendly and nice…

    Samira Jahanshah

    I love this brand new market. Great selection of fresh vegetables. Variety of dairies. The customer service is great. Ava is a helpful cashier. You won’t be disappointed! I can’t wait to go there again.


    Got everything, fresh meat, fresh seafood, unusual items around the world, and many selections of rice.

    Kishor Patro

    Awesome place for fruits, vegetables etc. We tried the Persian food which was really good. They have food court with many options, Indian, Mexican, Asian etc. Lots of Parking space. Very conveniently located near Highway 56. Price is really competitive with good quality food. Meat section is also pretty good.

    An interesting find indeed. Atlas is an “International” market which means a lot of different things but some might say it’s Persian/Iranian, Middle Eastern, and all things Mediterranean. Also add in some “Asia”.

    When you walk in, you’ll notice that this is THE place to buy your fruit and vegetables. The price was right, but the fruit was huge and delicious. Far superior to what I’ve been finding at Sprouts. What’s so cool about this store is that it’s in a traditional American grocery store ( formally Albertson’s). It’s pretty easy finding what you need here.

    Their freezer section is full of mysterious items from all around the world. They also have a service deli, where you can sample/buy several types of block Feta Cheese. Just a tip, the Bulgarian tastes like plain yogurt, the Greek is tangy, and the goat/cow/sheep is well…like strong goat cheese.

    There is one major pain point at Atlas and it’s their food hall. We were here about 4PM on a Saturday and two food stands were closed for the day and others are poorly setup. I hate small video board menus where you have to be at the cashier to see it. With the exception of the Al Pastor spit at the Mexican stall, most of the food and prep is hidden in the back or in covered buffets. By comparison, Westfield North County’s food court has everything out there for you to look at (chipotle, panda express, sbarro, Mongolian bbq, etc etc). Not really impressed.

    – Cashiers need better training. One acted clueless or just didn’t care on how to handle an Indian women that wanted one of their 18 pound Jack Fruit cut with a knife.
    – Great place for Produce

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