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Bahram AmirHosseini Lawyer: Dreamland Immigration, ‎Passport & Visa Service

We are a professional and experienced team of licensed immigration consultants providing all types of Visa, Immigration and Appeal services for Canada. Iran visa for Canadian

Immigration attorney in Richmond Hill, Ontario
Your success is our priority.
We are professional and experienced immigration consultants licensed by the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council “ICCRC” with years of experience and numerous successful immigration cases at your service.
Our company’s goal is focused on getting clients to Canada in the shortest possible time through a variety of avenues for which they may qualify.
We have made it our primary goal to assist you in persuading the authorities to grant you a Visa.
We manage your case from start point, prepare a complete application with all the required documents to make 100% sure that we will get a positive answer very soon up to the final stage.
We always try to avoid any interview; however, if an interview is mandatory, we also will prepare you for that. With help of the legal submission letters that we add to your cases, there will be no question about your eligibility to Canada from the authorities.
Our professionalism in the unique review method that we use in file review and submission of your immigration file is guaranteeing that no mistake will happen from our side. best Persian immigration lawyer
By hiring “Dreamland immigration” immigration experts you don’t need to worry about common errors made by other immigration offices like the amount payable to CIC, the quickest and right visa processing office and any miss communication between us and government or our company and our clients.
Let us start opening the right path to your Dreamland!
100 YOUR QUALIFICATIONS First we make sure you are qualified since we only accept and work on worthy cases with a positive outcome 100 OUR SUCCESS RATE Don’t be surprised!
Through the years of experience, we know the immigration process inside out!
100 LATEST IMMIGRATION LAWS Ever changing immigration laws 100 NO WORRIES! Having a professional by your side will give



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