Bestrux Road Service

Bestrux Road Service

Truck repair shop in California

  • Bestrux Road Service Truck Repair
  • Located in Fullerton, CA, we offer a wide range of services on Trucks, Trailers, RV’s & Buses.
  • Emergency roadside services:
  • Mobile Truck, Trailer & Tire Repair
  • Mobile diesel mechanic
  • Fuel delivery & priming
  • Jumpstart & pull-start, lockout
  • Jumpstart 24 volts (buses).
  • Air brake & air leaks repair
  • Fuel leaks repair.
  • Electrical, lights, & safety.
  • Suspension, axle & tandem frame repair.
  • Trailer body, roof, floor, door hinges
  • liftgate repair.
  • Repair hydraulic jacks, hoses, and related components.
  • Mobile welding & fabrication.

Truck Roadside Assistance in Anaheim, CA

At Bestrux Road Service in Fullerton, CA, we don’t want you to panic if your truck breaks down the roadside.

From mechanical issues to air leaks, we fix it all, getting you back on route in less time than you ever thought possible. We offer:

24/7 Emergency Road Services

Jump Start (12 volts trucks & 24 volts buses)

  • Pull Start
  • Fuel Delivery
  • Lock-outs
  • Tire Services
  • Tire Change
  • Tire Repair (Patch, Plug)
  • All makes & sizes in stock

Mechanical Services

  • Starter Replacement
  • Alternator Replacement
  • Belt Replacement
  • Fan belt
  • Alternator belt
  • Serpentine belt
  • Water pump belt

Air System Repair

  • Air Compressor Replacement
  • Governor Change
  • Air Dryer
  • Purge Valve
  • Air Hoses
  • Air Leaks Repair
  • Air Valves
  • Lift Gate Repair & Service


Mobile Hydraulic Hose Repair

All Type & Sizes, Fitting & Hosed in Stock

Suspension System Repair   Airbags   Cab Airbags   Shock Absorber    Leaf Spring

Axle Repairs

  • Spindle Recovery
  • Bearings
  • Wheel Seal
  • Hub Replacement
  • Hub Cap

Brake Repairs   Brake Shoes   Brake Pads   Brake Drums   Slack Adjuster   S-Cam & Hard Ware   Brake Chamber

Cooling System Repair

  • Coolant Hoses
  • Radiator Hoses
  • Coolant Reservoir
  • water pump
  • Radiator change

Mobile Welding   Stick Welding     Mig Welding     Tig Welding

 Trailer Repair

  • Body  (Side panels) Repair
  • Roof Repair (Emergency Patch)
  • Floor Repair
  • Trailer door Hinges Replacement
  • Trailer roll up Doors Repair



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    If you own a truck you will want to take it to these guys in Anaheim, top truck road service for ever, they are the best at fixing commercial motor vehicles. They are very knowledgeable and skillfull on top of that they are reasonable. Max is extremely helpful, and very knowledgeable Mechanic. When he promise the truck will be done it is done at the time they told you. I have taken my truck there and I’m very satisfied with there work!
    The Best Mobile Truck Repair 4 Ever!

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